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Panasonic GH5 camera version 2 upgrades firmware performance upgrades

In August 31st, Panasonic DC-GH5 latest firmware Ver.2.0 announced to further enhance GH5 performance. In order to better meet the needs of users, Panasonic through interviews with the world’s first photographers, to investigate consumer demand for photography, so as to complete the firmware upgrade. This is not only a simple firmware update, but also to meet the professional GH5 users in the camera performance on the special upgrade.
Panasonic GH5 camera version 2 upgrades firmware performance upgrades
Panasonic GH5 (single machine)
Electricity supplier quote
Tmall Mall for $12898

DC-GH5 upgrade firmware Ver.2.0 contains the following:
1. compatible with “LUMIX Tether” PC software
Panasonic GH5 camera version 2 upgrades firmware performance upgrades
This new firmware enables GH5 to capture GH5 connections through USB using the LUMIX Tether PC software. The user can control the camera by connecting it to the USB through the PC. Allows you to view images and shoot on the PC large screen, especially for other commercial portraits, products and other products that need constant confirmation. You can also start or stop shooting by using the wired feature in the [6K Photo] and [4K photo mode, and you can also select the folder to save the image file in PC.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer

In August 31, 2017, Canon (China) Limited launched new SELPHY SELPHYCP1300 compact photo printer. As a new member of SELPHY SELPHY series has been well received by the user’s favorite, SELPHY CP1300 to further enhance the diversity of print convenience and print style, not only provides a greater area of the 3.2 “LCD screen, the application of better understanding of the new graphics user interface, and also joined the Wi-Fi puzzle, 2 x 6 in print print and the black / white background color according to the date of selection, image filtering and other new features, bring more fun and convenient for users to print new practical experience.
Canon SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer
Canon SELPHY SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer
Excellent print effect, rich interest in print design
The dye sublimation technology has always been Canon SELPHY SELPHY series with its high print quality, welcomed by users and recognition. SELPHY CP1300 will smooth the transition effect and vivid output color continues to bring to the user, in printing by laminating the photos, to help prevent fading, and make the photos have dustproof, waterproof drops characteristics. At the same time, with the help of image optimization, SELPHY CP1300 can automatically detect and optimize the scene characters and background, in addition users can customize to adjust the print gloss effect, brightness, color, and output the artistic effect of desire.
In addition to the continuation of the previous generation models of the 2- page, 4- page and 8- page print layout, SELPHYCP1300 added 2 * 6 in printing, print 2 photographs of the same column on a postcard size paper, each column up to 4 photos. For selecting a set of shooting photos, 4 photos or a particular theme. After printing, it can be made into a portrait of 4 vertical photo booth pictures, whether it is on the desk, dresser, room decoration, or in the party and activities, to welcome guests is a good choice.
To enhance the expressiveness of output photos, SELPHY CP1300 has the black / white background color selection function. When set to black background, you can achieve visual contraction effect, highlighting the theme of the photo and bright colors. At the same time, when printing black and white photos with black background, it also highlights the special atmosphere and quality of black-and-white photographs.
Canon SELPHY CP1300 compact photo printer

Make it more free SONY Mini RX0 black

In August 31, 2017, SONY (China) Co. Ltd. officially released a new series of RX0 black TM (model: DSC-RX0). It is a small black SONY RX0, 59mm x 40.5mm x volume is only about 29.8mm, metal body design strong fashion, have three features of *1, *2 and waterproof shockproof collision *3. The camera has about 15 million 300 thousand effective pixels, 1 inches Exmor RS CMOS stacked image sensor, equipped with Zeiss Tessar T* 24mm*4 F4 wide-angle lens, for high-definition shooting to provide protection. At the same time support up to 1/32000 of a second anti distortion shutter and the second 16 *5 high-speed continuous shooting, make high speed shooting possible theme. It is black RX0 also has a variety of creative video features, such as support for *6 40 times super slow motion video, S-Log2 etc.. In addition, users can control 15 RX0 digital cameras at most by the wireless flash controller FA-WRC1M, allowing users to enjoy their imagination and shooting more creative images.
Make it more free SONY released mini black it RX0 let shooting free SONY released a mini black cards it RX0
SONY black it RX0
In recent years, the development of SONY black RX is it very quickly, well received by consumers, with high quality as the representative of the full frame it black RX1 series, quality, continuous and portable both black TM RX100 series, and it has a large zoom black card RX10 series. Now it will be SONY RX0 black with high quality and high speed, three performance and a variety of creative play integrated in a compact body only about 110g*8, so that users can freely go more harsh environment for creation.

Compact retro OLYMPUS releases E-M10 III camera

The new OLYMPUS M4/3 format E-M10 Mark III anti camera officially released, the new camera is still equipped with CMOS sensor 16 million pixels, image stabilization component upgrade to 5 axis stabilization, and joined the 4K video recording. Price assured, the new camera fuselage price of $650, equivalent to about 4288 yuan.
Compact retro OLYMPUS releases E-M10 III camera

小巧复古 奥林巴斯发布E-M10 III相机
Product overview | pictures (2) | parameters | | (1) offer comments
16 million pixel M4/3 frame CMOS sensor
TruePic VIII image processor
121 point AF focus system
Shutter speed range: 60s – 1/16000s
Maximum shutter speed: 8.6fps
Range of sensitivity: ISO 200-25600
Fuselage 5 axis anti shake
4K/30p video capture capability
2 million 360 thousand pixel OLED electronic viewfinder
3 inches 1 million 40 thousand pixel flip touch screen
Body size: 122 x, 84 x, 50 mm
Body weight: 410g

4K released Theta V Ricoh panoramic camera

Ricoh a new generation of 360 degree motion camera Theta V emerged, the new machine has brought many breakthroughs in the shooting performance, built-in 19GB storage space, support 4K video recording, and can record 14 million pixel photos. At the same time, in the range of sensitivity, Theta V can be adjusted to ISO 3200 highest (video can be adjusted to ISO 6400), compared with the previous ISO 1600, there has been no small promotion. Next, let’s look at the specific specifications of the Theta V.

4K全景拍摄 理光正式发布Theta V相机
4K released Theta V Ricoh panoramic camera
Product overview | pictures (4) | parameters | | (1) offer comments
Figure Theta V Ricoh
Ricoh Theta V camera:
Sensor: 1/2.3 inches, 12 million pixels CMOS
Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 625
Lens specifications: two 190 degrees view, F2 aperture lens
Range of sensitivity: ISO 64-6400
Shutter speed range: 1/25000 – 60 s
Exposure compensation: + 2EV
Storage space: 19GB
Connection function: built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Endurance: can take about 260 photos
Microphone: full directional microphone (optional enough for 3D microphone to record panorama)
Body weight: 121g
Body size: 45 x, 131 x, 23 mm
Estimated selling price: $430 (about 2830 RMB)

More quiet, longer life, Xinjiang released Marvic Pro Platinum Edition

At this year’s IFA show, Xinjiang released the latest model Marvic Pro platinum Marvic series (Mavic Pro Platinum). A new generation of models mainly improved its four axis drive system, with a new generation of aircraft with a battery capacity increase of about 11%, and its single flight duration up to 30 minutes. In addition, the corresponding noise power of the new aircraft is reduced by about 60% during flight. Price, the new aircraft priced at 6999 yuan, set price of 8499 yuan.
More quiet, longer life, Xinjiang released Marvic Pro Platinum Edition
Xinjiang Mavic Pro Platinum
12 million 350 thousand pixel 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor
Range of sensitivity: ISO 100-3200 (video) /ISO 100-1600 (Photos)
Lens: equivalent 28mm f/2.2
Electronic shutter speed: 8s – 1/8000s
Support 4K/30p video capture (C4K, 4K/24p)
Body size: 83 x 83 x 198mm
Body weight: 734g
Maximum flight speed: 65km/h
Maximum flight altitude: 5000m
Maximum flight time: 30 minutes
Satellite positioning module: GPS, GLONASS

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